Digital innovation for efficient, fun meetings
with maximum involvement

Smartphones and tablets: your new partners for everyday brainstorming sessions

Harness your teams' collective intelligence, every day

Got an open-ended problem to solve? Workshop it! is more than just a user-friendly digital tool; it provides groups with the approach and resources they need to generate the best possible solutions.

Obtain buy-in and commitment

Thanks to its ultra-efficient collaborative approach, Workshop it! helps you define a solution and action plan with buy-in from all participants during a meeting lasting just an hour.

Digitised problem solving / team building

Facilitators: do away with the post-it notes!

Workshop it! provides support for creative or analytical workshops while adding a new, fun dimension...
... and making them more efficient, by recording ideas, analyses and action plans in real time so they can be exploited instantly.

Keep timings under control

Workshop it! provides a structure for the meeting, and gives you tighter control over the timings.
Outcomes are shared instantly on-line and can be downloaded.

Already clients/partners:

Solving problem within a team

This month, Schneider Electric, Somudimec start using wokshop it! for operational problem to be solved within a team !

December 15, 2016

Oracle Digital Mission with Workshop it!

Oracle France organized on 22 - 23 June the Digital Mission initiative: « from scratch to pitch in 36 hours ». Workshop it! was there as selected solution to support « imagination, fun, la collaboration » within work groups.

Jun 28, 2016

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For Delta Dore EMS, Workshop it! enables at last efficient multi-sites brainstormings

Aug 30, 2016 | Antoine

More productive brainstormings with remote participants better involved: this is the major criterion for the choice of Workshop it! by Delta Dore Energy Management System BU.
« Workshop it! provides efficiency gain and costs saving » says Delta Dore EMS management after 10 months of usage by french, german and asian teams.

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Making smartphones your partners for meetings